Born in London, UK

Studying in Surrey, UK

Currently lives in Somerset, UK

Electronic music producer currently studying: 'Tonmeister' - Sound Engineering, at Surrey University. Wannabe DJ, guitarist and artist.


Producing seems to have taken up most of my free-time, since about 2012 when I first started playing around with Logic Pro. My focus shifted from playing the guitar through a loopstation to getting my head around this new software. I started producing with ripped pop acappellas and the chord progressions I knew, releasing on soundcloud under the name 'mungø' to build an alias for myself. The pop remixes picked up a bit of traction thanks to blog reviews, shares in mixtapes and use in podcasts/Vlogs which encouraged me on. I learnt basic sound design, primarily on YouTube, to allow me to manipulate patches beyond the original preset. It gave me a basic understanding of synthesis which helped developed a 'sound' for myself as an artist. A common sound allowed me to pull together eclectic influences into an output that was 'tonally coherent'. Synthesis is a world I'm intrigued by; and I've gone on since to code my own subtractive synthesiser in Max MSP. It's the audio-visual, reactive element of Max that particularly interests me and is what I'm exploring further at the moment. The graphics shown here were generated in Grapher using mathematical equations but feel slightly limited in their realms of movement. I hope that expanding into this side Max MSP might develop an extra element to my alias - influenced heavily by artists already doing so; such as Max Cooper. 

Starting work for Autograph Sound in 2017 suddenly gave me access to a west-end theatre worth of PA. I spent my out-of hours in the warehouse reference mixing on anything from near fields to line-arrays. Honing in my mixing like this gave me a feeling for how it could sound to have my music played on a club system and pushed my aims further. I learnt to DJ, both digitally and on Vinyl and began to demo my music more seriously. I started by emailing label A&R but after a lot of frustration switched to doing physical CD drops to London offices. I was lucky to get responses back and offers for releases, but for various reasons I decided last year to self-release a 4 track EP onto Spotify etc. The music displayed here is a collection of released, upcoming and new material. I felt it best represented my breadth as an artist but is the tip of the ice-berg to an archived back-log.  




2017 - Autograph Sound Ltd. 

Hire Store Operative


2016 - Bowers and Wilkins.  

R&D Internship



Surrey University.


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